Mucho Burrito turns up the heat, with their Ghost Pepper Burrito and creative agency partnership with Arrivals + Departures.

New campaign marks the return of a fan favourite and the start of great work from a new creative agency partner.

TORONTO, ON – October 7, 2019 – Starting in October, heat-seeking fans from across the country will be able to experience ghost pepper heat once again, when Mucho Burrito brings back their much-loved Ghost Pepper Burrito; but only for a limited time.

“Ghost Peppers are one of the hottest in the world and like the name, it’s a slow-burning heat that sneaks up on you so it’s definitely not for the faint of heart” says Norm Pickering, Senior Director of Marketing at Mucho Burrito, “but it’s also packed with flavor and when you combine that with the fresh, high quality ingredients that Mucho Burrito is known for, it’s a really great-tasting burrito and a fan favourite”.

To promote this limited-time offer, Mucho Burrito turned to national creative agency Arrivals + Departures, who was awarded the business in July and wasted no time in developing an integrated campaign that includes TV/OLV, banners, re-targeting and social ads.

Creative pays tribute to the brave taste buds that took one for the team, encouraging people to experience “excruciating pleasure with every bite” with the “face melting heat” they “desperately crave” – that is if they’re not “too chicken”. It can be viewed here, and marks the first Mucho Burrito campaign developed by Arrivals + Departures.

“The Ghost Pepper has a Scoville rating of up to 1 million, compared to a jalapeño at 8000 or even a habeñero, at 350 000. It’s the kind of heat that can pack a serious punch. Creative demonstrates the effects of such heat and sparks a challenge to all those who say they can handle extreme heat.” says Jeff MacEachern, Chief Creative Officer at Arrivals + Departures. 

“If you’re a serious heat-seeker, this is the burrito for you. If not, you should probably check out the “spicy” competition next door”.

The campaign runs from Oct 7 through Dec 26th nationally, with media planning from cairns oneil.