Fallsview Casino Resort highlights all the ways you're missing out in new TV commercials

TORONTO, ON - June 4, 2018 - Fallsview Casino Resort introduces a new round of TV spots for 2018, created by Arrivals + Departures advertising agency. The campaign tagline ‘remember that time you didn’t go to Fallsview’ follows characters who chose events, and less desirable outcomes, over visiting the casino. The theme shows how Fallsview is a destination resort for sharing experiences and memories.

The four spots are set to release periodically throughout the year. The campaign was built on the iconic humour known and expected from Fallsview commercials. 

“Last year’s campaign focused on how Fallsview has something for everybody by showing diversity in the characters” says Jason Locey, chief creative officer. “This campaign adds to this, exploring different amenities and experiences inside the resort. We also wanted to ensure that while each spot is unique, they compliment each other, allowing the overall message to build as each ad is released. ” 

The first ad, Breakdown, showcases Fallsview’s 365 Club, a dancing and live entertainment venue. A man misinterprets a phone call as he struggles to hear over the loud music. The second, Cell Phone, showcases the casino’s 4 diamond restaurant, Ponte Vecchio. 

“The main motivation of our commercials has always been to make viewers laugh,” says Jennifer Ferguson, Director of Marketing Services, Fallsview Casino Resort. “Humour and excitement drives success year-to-year while allowing us to demonstrate the world-class customer service and offerings at Fallsview.” 

The campaign will run throughout the year, with 30 second spots on TV and in cinemas. This year the campaign has added 15 second spots for digital platforms. 

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