Fallsview Casino Resort shows off its magnetic personality with new billboard in Toronto's Dundas Square

TORONTO, ON - February 21, 2018 - Arrivals + Departures (A+D) announces the completion of a new 40 by 73 foot billboard in Toronto’s Dundas Square for one of Ontario’s most recognized brands, Fallsview Casino Resort. The new board, located in one of Canada’s busiest commercial areas, depicts how visitors are drawn to the resort’s ultimate fun experience like a magnet. The board features ‘real people’ sucked from the streets by the Fallsview Fun Magnet. 

The billboard underwent a multi-phase installation process that tells the story of ‘real people’ going about their day-to-day activities, being pulled to the Fallsview Fun Magnet board. Various characters, represented by life-like mannequins, drawn to the board include a Vespa rider, golfer, hot dog vendor, and a die-hard sports fan.

“By displaying an array of characters, we show how Fallsview Casino Resort truly has ‘something’ for everyone and that ‘something’ is always rooted in excitement and fun,” says Jennifer Ferguson, director of marketing services, Fallsview Casino Resort. “By placing the billboard in Dundas Square, we remind Torontonians that a fun getaway destination isn’t far away.” 

Adding more storytelling to the static billboard, Arrivals + Departures developed a video following the lives of the mannequins chosen for the gig of a lifetime. “Mannequins like the ones featured on the Fun Magnet billboard are all around us and tend to blend into the background,” says Jason Locey, chief creative officer, Arrivals + Departures. “We focused on the fun that goes hand-in-hand with the brand, and that extra layer gives even more opportunity to experience the fun in Fallsview.”  

Watch the video on Fallsview Casino Resort’s YouTube Channel