Fallsview Casino Resort humorously reminds people how unique it is with new TV campaign

TORONTO, ON – May 27, 2019 - Fallsview Casino Resort is unveiling a new set of TV commercials for 2019, created by Arrivals + Departures advertising agency. With a rapidly changing competitive landscape, Fallsview wanted to remind Canadians that there's only one Fallsview experience. The campaign shows a number of scenarios where people are trying to recreate their favourite Fallsview moments. Needless to say, it doesn’t work out as they imagined. Leaving the viewers with the campaign tagline “There’s only one Fallsview”.

The campaign continues to push the humour that has become so well-known for the Fallsview brand.

“This year we wanted to highlight the fact that Fallsview is one of the premier entertainment destinations around,” says Jeff MacEachern, Chief Creative Officer at Arrivals + Departures.
“It’s an experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Each spot highlights a different experience from Fallsview, such as dining, hotel, gaming, and entertainment, proving that Fallsview can’t be replicated.”

“These days we’re dealing with more competition than ever before. We’re using this campaign to remind people that there’s really only one Fallsview and our experience is a cut above the others,” says Jennifer Ferguson, Director of Marketing Services, Fallsview Casino Resort. “These spots continue to use humour that really resonates with Canadians and lets us show off everything that makes Fallsview a special destination.”

The campaign will run throughout the year with 30-second commercials on TV and in Cinema, and 15-second versions for digital platforms. Two of the commercials are already on air and can be seen below, with the other two commercials to follow in the coming months.

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