NS Seafood
Here in Nova Scotia, the waters run clean and cold, and the catch is always fresh. Drawing on our province’s mystery and allure to foreign markets, we created a new brand identity for Nova Scotia Seafood, which launched internationally at the China Seafood Trade Show.
Medium: Brand Identity Design, Print Marketing, and Promotional Brand Multi-Media Materials
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NSCC Strive
In order to change perceptions of the school and to encourage those considering a post-secondary education to choose NSCC first, we chose to tell inspiring stories of success and motivation, demonstrating the educational excellence of the Nova Scotia Community College.
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Enbridge Gas New Brunswick isn’t just about delivering natural gas to homes or businesses in NB, they have become an integral part of the communities they serve. As a way to remind those in the region, we created an emotional story about Mothers, reinforcing the commitment Enbridge has to the communities they serve.
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Sexual Violence
Sexual violence is a very serious and sensitive topic for many. Misunderstood, complicated and triggering, it has been tough to attack at a mass level. So, an animated campaign was born, tapping into a well-known theme to create awareness and educate youth, in a way they could easily understand.
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Marguerite Centre
For centuries women with addictions have been swept under the rug. In a world, where the vast majority of treatment models are tailor-made for men, and centres that help women living with addiction are severely underfunded — the Marguerite Centre needed help now, more than ever. We created a campaign that helped demonstrate that all women are worth a helping hand and that it’s time to stop sweeping women under the rug. 
Medium: Creative Design Concept Development, Digital Video Campaign for Web and Social Media
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